Knowing vs. Believing

Knowing grounds us.  It keeps us on firm footing, aligning our steps in certainty.  We are familiar with the route and look at our phones along the way.  This compass does not compel us.  It is routine and habitual.

Believing directs our actions.  It shapes our values and determines our behavior.  We live according to our beliefs.  It drives us to continue to navigate our own path.


*[Brain perks up]*

But you can make yourself believe anything!  And be so certain that what you want to believe is truth!  That is the problem with the world today — blind faith in polarizing directions.  There is very little considering or deliberation.  People are looking for agreement, not discourse.  They siphon out into circles that reinforce their beliefs and neglect the actuality of the bigger culture at large.  They see only what they want to see.


*[Heart smiles back lovingly]*

I agree with that.  But the world is presenting its negativity in such a flurry these days.  How can one find comfort and comradery without turning a blind eye to things?  Their heart has to be OK, they must feel good about what they are doing before they can embark on actualizing purposeful work.


*[Brain interrupts]*

That is why things are currently in the state they’re in.  The people who are most capable of changing things retreat from their post and form a utopia. 


*[Heart responds]*

How else can one show others of another way without building and existing almost fully within it?


*[Brain frustratingly bursts out]*

But you are leaving the majority behind!


*[Heart calmly replies]*

One does what they can do, in the manner they’ve learned to do it best.


*[Brain seizes opportunity]*

Ah!  So you agree knowing is paramount to cultivating better..


*[Heart concurs]*

Of course.  But no one wants to know or do different unless they recognize that there are other ways of being.  Health and taking care of yourself has to start with loving yourself.  Otherwise we will find attractive what other people find attractive, and the cycle will perpetuate.  Sharing the internal, the YOU, to let THAT be seen and heard without the need of protection or validation is where joy and meaning can be found.


*[Brain becomes dismissive]*

You’re a fool.  These people are fixated on their phones and determine value in a two second size-up.  Look at the research!  They want butts and abs and flexing and lighting contrast.  That is where your ‘belief’ of happiness is centered around..


*[Neck pipes in]*

Can’t you have both?  You’re literally part of the same system…


The brain acknowledges it has connected them since inception and allows the eyes to see different things.

The heart has no need to concede.  It has loved each and everything as if it were itself.


[The neck bows the head and the ribs raise the heart.  There is a nuzzling moment of acceptance before they separate once again and look out into opposite directions.]

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