Switching Contexts

The last several weeks of Quarter One had assignments based on defining care, creating change, and challenging accepted truths.  If our beliefs shape behavior, then either place can act as a starting point to disturb or disrupt the other.  Conversations are circular and cyclical, particularly when the topic remains unresolved.  Beings are never finished but sometimes stop.

The final exam sought to coax out their thinking; spirals of reflection and self-examination:





True to word, our Friday before the final we played Among Us.  In period 2 I ended up killing everyone, period 3 I failed to find the imposter with my comrades, and period 4 a girl baited me into a room and then speared me in half.  The rules prohibited me from telling anyone.  I was reminded about how teens can feel salty after a slight.

Quarter Two, which is eight weeks (compared to this nine) broken up by holidays, will attempt to utilize these skills of thinking and feeling and bring them into a physical context.  How do we enjoy and interact with activity WHILE we are doing it, instead of the after-the-fact hope of reward?  The topic of attention is used to bridge the two spaces.

Could the key to learning the pushup simply be spending more time on the ground?


The follow-along, more physical format was suggested by the kids.  As well as things appeared to be going, they were ready for a change.  Furthermore, the chronically absent and disengaged kids were lost in this new conceptual format.  Instead of blaming them and shutting them out of course compassing, I listened to them as equals.  Answers were anonymous and followed a similar direction:

Snapshot from period 2.  (All classes had similar results).


Class Zooms are being posted to YouTube several times a week should you want to keep up with and/or utilize the given process.

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