Resized Resized 20220305 143032Alleviating pain and enhancing performance can both be achieved with the right eye, the right instructions, and the right questions.  But you must be a participant in it.  You must be able to DO, and navigate, and follow the correct route on the path you find yourself on.  Pain relief is easy, and people in pain are excellent listeners because they want so much to leave where they are.  The performance stuff is tricky, because people who are after performance tend to track all the wrong things, really want to stay where they are, and do not understand that most times it is less that gets you more.

I don’t really want to fix you, but I can help you understand what to do and why.

I don’t want to train you, but I can direct your attention and show you what to change and manipulate.



Mindset, like movement, is all about how you look at it.


Current Occupations
Health and Physical Education teacher, Woodburn High School 2004 – present
Social Instigator, thinkmovement, 2017 – present
Pain, Play, and Performance guide, Options & Ability, 2019 – present
Movement Therapist, Healing Hands Clinic of Natural Therapies, 2011 – 2018

Educational Background
B.S. Kinesiology, University of Illinois, 2001
M.A. Teaching, Western Oregon University, 2004

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