The Cooperative Shift

As a competitive athlete for twenty years, my sole focus was working to be better than other people. Then my body broke down and my mind and identity soon followed. Lost in the abyss of post-competitve depression and unable to find the help I needed, I set out to fix myself, both physically and mentally. The start was a mindshift to cooperation, and a mission to share what I once would have greedily hoarded for myself. This site is a living document to what I’ve figured out, with hopes that it makes for a little less hurt in the world.

– Christine Ruffolo

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Critical Look #3 – My Own Work

‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   SYSTEMIC IDEOLOGY: Create a New Normal in Physical Education. Personal background with system –  Fifteen years of trial and error at a public high Read more ›

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