Shifting Gears

Five years ago I suffered from Post-Competitive Depression, though I didn’t know it at the time.  I attempted to start a blog about it, but as lethargic as it was to get the thoughts out of my head and find similar patterns and stories about famous athletes in the media, it didn’t seem to serve a purpose other than to vent and point.  That, coupled with many multi-faceted attempts at living life, convinced me to stop.  It was a lot easier to quit than I expected.

(You can view those ten, short-lived posts at

In the years since, I’ve realized two very interesting facts on the subject.  One, there still isn’t much help to be found on this.  There’s been several studies on Post-Competitive Depression, but all they seem to amount to is acknowledging it existence.  (This does very little for those whose day to day experience confirms these findings) Two, the path my life has taken me has given me unique insight into finally developing a system that HELPS.

My Health teaching took a very psychological/ identity finding turn, and with each year was able to dig deeper and deeper, in a more efficient fashion.  I also ironically found myself working for my chiropractor.  I am a rehab specialist for those who have gotten into car accidents and need to re-program motor patterns.

Mental side… check.
Physical side… check.

So here we go.  My plan right now is to alternate mental and physical posts.

Let’s see what happens.

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