Dear Mr. Jeter

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Dear Mr. Jeter,

        We accept the fact that you are retiring.  We just hope you do too.  It will be argued for quite some time whether you were the greatest ever.  People will talk about you rather than to you.  It’s a change you’ll first relish, and then miss.
        After the media barrage and countless tribute montages, you’ll feel forgotten.  You’ll struggle finding purpose in your day.  You’ll consider a comeback, but I hope you stay away.  It’s time for you to stop.  You decided.  The world agreed.
        Perhaps you’ll give Mr. Jordan a call.  He attempted several comebacks.  He learned in the end what it felt like for people to look away and not care too much.  Don’t let that happen.  There’s nothing to come back to.  Take in the one and only moment of millions of of teary eyed fans respectfully watching you go.  
        And then close the book on your playing career.
        Put it on the nightstand with your glasses on top.  You won’t have to set the alarm.
        Sleep in.  Watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ from start to finish without leaving your bed.  It really is worth a day of your time.  Take walks.  Love people.  Get Married or date around.  Work out.  Write or read consistently.  Golf.  Take people up on offers.  Play with kids.  Ride bikes.  Ride bikes WITH kids.  (It worked wonders for LeBron).
        You’ve already won.  Now try and just be.
        Welcome to the Breakfast Club.

         Sincerely Yours,

         Andrew Clark

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