Down With Carries

A carry is picking up a weight and walking with it awhile.  The trick is to not shift, sway, or rotate with the weight in hand.  Though your body is loaded it should look like it isn’t.  Keep symmetrical postural alignment throughout.

Though you can perform walks with weights in each hand, the single arm version seems to be better at uncovering weaknesses.

Farmers Walk – Hands at Sides
Keep your hand off your hip.  Pull the hip away from the hand, not the hand away from the hip.  This isn’t a lateral shoulder raise.  It’s a core stability exercise.
Push the weight DOWN away from you.  Don’t shrug up against it.  Working with gravity makes these infinitely easier on the shoulder, which means longer distances, more weight, and more core control.
Rack Position Carry – Hands at Shoulder
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The kettlebell rests on the forearms, not the shoulder.
Pull the weight DOWN with the shoulder.  Don’t hold an “upward punch.”

Waiter’s Walk – Hands Up Above Head

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Elbow should be locked, not bent, with bicep close to ear.  Shrug shoulder to packed position.  To get proper set up, you might want to use two hands to get the weight into place.  Once there, tighten, and let unloaded hand fall to side.

Pull weight DOWN with the shoulder.  Resist the urge to push up as if you were pressing.

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