Keeping Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Being able to tilt your pelvis into a neutral position (posteriorly for most of you) is a notable achievement, but it won’t become fully beneficial until you can maintain that position while moving around.  In re-establishing what normal is, the value goes beyond ‘getting there’.  It lies in giving it purpose, making all your movements more efficient and less compensatory.

Again, you have to DO SOMETHING with what you get.
You have to be able to apply information if you want to make it useful.
Can you keep the pelvis from going into anterior tilt during deadbugs and birddogs?
Can you keep it from going into extension during a split squat or step up?
There are VERY difficult to do when keeping a posteriorly tilted pelvis. This is the higher end range of height that I use.  You’ll feel TONS in your deep abs with this one.
(And yes, I did almost lose my balance on the way up.  Did I mention these are HARD?)
Can you keep the pelvis tucked during something as dynamic as box landings or medicine ball throws?
Use the wall/target to set up “correct” tension in the body.
For what test are you practicing?

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