On Aging, Work, & Enjoying Home

How does your ability to care for something affect how much you can enjoy it?

When the yard is full of weeds you can’t pull and awry branches you can no longer trim, do you begin to despise the home you reside in?  Do the problems of the place fester and magnify?  When work is an expression of capability, and you see all that needs to be done,  are you sullenly reminded of your diminished capacity or do you look for alternative means to create beauty?   Is your perspective one that focuses on all that was lost or all that still can be?

And if that home translates to your body, has it appreciated or depreciated in value?  How does this connect to the way you spend your time and define your relationship to it?  Are you still willing to create moments or do you wait idly, hoping and then losing hope that they will eventually come?  Things that require more work to love are easily neglected.  But they can also be a vehicle to find out just how much we can truly care.


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    And when that home translates into relationships, most wonderful is the dwelling capable of expanding to fit two willing individuals, both intending to find out how much they can truly care and how to best share those findings.

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