How to Stop Wanting

Three simple steps towards a state of satisfaction:

1.   Get hurt.

Physically, this is a no brainer.  That skill or peak performance will not seem as important as getting out of pain.  Mental-emotionally, this might be even more obvious.  No one wants to feel bad.  Unless we are a true masochist (or an idealized dreamer), we will naturally avoid things that threaten our sense of self-worth.

2.  Recognize what you already have.

Please do not wait until something is taken away to appreciate it.  But you likely will.  Because we have to experience loss to feel regret.  Learn this lesson once.  Look around.  Take inventory.  You probably already have enough, but do the work that needs to be done to maintain your assets (including relationships).

3.  Emphasize the cost of getting more.

This can be time, comfort, or actual dollars.  If you would accept payment of these things to keep what you have, stay the course.  Here’s an example:  Would you take an offer of someone paying you $400 a month to remain in your older car?  If so, no need for to make that upgrade and shell out that same money on a car note.  Apply this formula to anything you are drawn to change, and you may find yourself content.




[Feature photo by Jean-Louis Aubert on Unsplash]

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