Being Good At

There’s something special in knowing that you’re good at something.  It goes beyond praise or awards or recognition.  Nobody needs to say a word.  You feel it.

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Your feeling is marked by your love of practicing this thing.  You have self-belief.  You search and you read and you learn and you do.  You’re excited about the PROCESS.  There is joy in knowing the finish line is still so far away.

If this concept is recognizable to you, consider yourself lucky.  It is a foreign experience for most.  Nobody ever told them.  They gave up a long time ago.  They never received good grades or high scores.  Awards were something other people got.  They looked around and noticed they were treated differently, and not in that better kind of way.  They behaved exactly as the world expected.  They didn’t know any better.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re good at whatever you spend the most deliberate time doing.  If it’s listening to music, you’re good at finding beats and patterns, discerning between what you like and don’t like almost immediately.  If it’s watching movies, you’re good at dissembling a plot and characters.  You are thoughtful and analytic in the most natural of ways.

Regardless of what it is, you are practicing habits and behaviors.  You are learning something.

If you’re struggling to figure out what you’re good at, identify what you consistently return to.  There is something there that pleases you.  If you can be proactive enough to dig into that, the answers you seek will be found.

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