A Movement Based Training Primer

What is Movement Based Training?
A systematic approach to mastering movement.  It is an attempt to restore full functional movement capacity of the human body.   All you need is some space (and preferably a cushioned floor).

Who Came Up With This Stuff?
Humans.  And Creation.  But the thinking behind it stemmed from developmental kinesiology — the development of natural human movement, from an immobile newborn to a walking/exploring toddler.

There are many bright individuals that have promoted this concept, but the big three currently dissecting and teaching it’s training approach are:

1.  Dr. Andreo Spina,
2.  Dewey Nielsen, and
3.  Ido Portal

If you want to see how gracefully complicated and fluid movement can be, check out any one of their videos. (If you’re partial to beards and intriguing music, start with Dewey).

What Should I Try First To See If I Like It?
See Below.

Usually our most stuck part.  
If this seems a bit impossible due to mobility issues, nail down this and this before re-attempting.
When you do these 90/90 progressions right you feel your obliques light up.

These are not your butchered elementary school locomotions.  They are much harder then they look.  Again, you’ll feel all kinds of ab work being done if the pelvis is neutral and not dipping down into anterior tilt.  You’ll know you’re in anterior tilt if you feel strain in your lower back.
Notice the straight torso lines and level back throughout.
The core should stabilize force from the moving extremities.
Think of a bridge buttressing up from below.

Be very conscious of feet positioning.
The arms are often used as a counterweight.
Attempt to tighten areas of your abs to release sticking points in the hips.

Though my personal preference is to perform them in this order, mix and match any way you choose.  A fundamental element of movement training is experimentation.  Feel free to shift and evolve.

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