Deadlifting 95


1.  How is a deadlift different from a squat?

A deadlift is when the weight is on the ground.  You hinge, grip, tighten, and pick it up.
 A squat is when the weight is on your body.  You tense your body with load before sinking down. 
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2.  How can you ensure you’re using your butt instead of your quads?

Shin angle.  
The more vertical your lower leg, the more your butt and hips must push back and do the work.

3.   Where do I put my feet?

Shoe laces under the bar.  As wide or narrow as you prefer.
4.  Where do I put my hands?

Inside or outside your feet.  
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Traditional Deadlift.  Hands outside feet.
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Sumo Deadlift.  Feet outside hands.

5.  What if I don’t have access to a barbell?  
You can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, hexbar, can of paint, toddler… anything that has some heft to it.
6.  Should my arms bend to help the weight up?

No.  Arms should stay locked and long, keeping the weight close to the body.
7.  Is it OK if I round my back?
Not if you’re a beginner, and not if the weight your using is less than double body weight.
8.  How do I keep my back straight?
Get your butt down and back and keep your chest up.  
Use the bar to pull your shoulders and mid-back flat. 

9.  Where should I look?
Down at your hands.  Chin should stay tucked.
10.  When will I know if I’ve finished the pull?

You squeeze your butt forward and ‘finish the hump’. *
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* May cause adverse effects in toddlers
On the hunt for variations?  Try these.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Proper tension must remain until plates return to the floor.  Injuries can happen on the way down just as easily as on the way up.

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