Twist Hands for Extra Power

Arm action accounts for 30% of jumping power.  Most of this comes from the lats.  In watching NFL combiners run, I noticed in their starts and throughout the first phases of acceleration, they twisted their palms up and out away from them.  In trying it, I found it gets at those lats much more efficiently.

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When applying this technique to box jumps, I noticed I much more readily flap my arms in circles like a bird, accentuating my air time.  Note the arm (not hand) action on this:
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Here are some pics breaking the movement down:

Rear View


long body and arms                                                                             quarter squat position, arms back
palms facing each other                                                                        palms up, thumbs rotated out

Side View

Give this quirk a try and see if it gives you the same power boost.

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