A VERY Brief Review of the Biomechanics Movement Summit

At its core, this get together was a homage to Adarian Barr.  It was about curious and capable mortals grasping at genius, and that genius laying out his latest findings and figurings in a simple yet thorough process of feeling and layering.  Other than Adarian presenting his own stuff, two others presented their take on it — Matt Hank with Speed Development for Teams from the Weight Room to the Field, and Dawn Ross with yoga.  The other two presenters, Jenn Pilotti and myself, spoke on things we are most geeked out on right now – Mindfulness and Play.  Though not a direct application of Mr. Barr’s concepts, these two sections laid out the process of thinking and organizing new concepts — the methods behind learning and how one comes to know, understand, create, and communicate.

As I have learned with the thinkmovement Carelabs, the first is always special.  It’s a blind stab with no expectations.  You are grateful for being asked, and you are grateful that people said yes.  There is a reciprocal energy that begs one to prove the effort to meet up was worth it.  We impressively shared what we know and do, by helping others know and do.  This was the essence of the event – being so happy and honored to be there that you delivered: your self, your work, and a sharing of your experience.

It is important to note that we did not get paid for our attendance.  Any moneys earned from attendees and online sales went to cover the cost of the suite/ conference room the event was held in.  The impetus to come was to simply get in the same room together.  When appliers gather, the ‘get’ is instant.  You not only receive what they are offering, but how they are offering it.  Even Adarian extracted from his translators.  The gives take and everyone leaves better.

I purposefully did not take any video.  I didn’t even take real-time notes.  Retention is a kind of a game to me — how much can I hold on to and internalize without any secondary capture?  I have learned I never go back to them, and they are more so used as a mnemonic tool of preservation.  What also stood out about this group is that whatever insights we came with instantly became old news.  These folks utilize information FAST.  Presentations were adjusted immediately, in real time, just moments after being exposed to and acquiring Adrian’s take on (and blow up of) the Windless Mechanism.

Because I still remember the days as a young, eager learner when people wouldn’t offer any material for me to internalize, I gift you the following:


Please note that these were just tips to the iceberg of what we all left with.  The following is my Samsung note to self, written after our parting and after I happened to find my Mom amongst a sensory onslaught of slot machines at MGM:



There will be a second event in 2025.  It might not be called the same thing, but it will be over the same MLK weekend in the same place that’s easy to get to – Las Vegas.  If these cryptic notes and videos have left you with depressive FOMO, you can purchase individual or entire presentations here.  If you’re in Europe, Jenn, Adarian, and Dawn are heading to Amsterdam/ The Hague in April.





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